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A Cure for “I Hate Everything” Syndrome

August 22, 2013

You know how the day goes. It starts out pretty fine, you hang in there until about mid-afternoon, and by the end of the day you’re so tired and cranky, that you feel like punching the next person who approaches you for any reason (but don’t do that, really please). This happens to me often, but today I found a remedy for such feelings.

So I got home, went through my mail, and one of the envelopes came from Walt Disney World. It didn’t look like advertising, and I’m wondering what it could have been. I opened the envelope, and read the following:

Dear Mr. Fay,

Thank you very much for writing to the Walt Disney World Resort.
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful comics that you sent in and to let you know that I have shared them with the Citizens of Hollywood. The Citizens were extremely flattered with the amount of dedication you put into your work and appreciate you sharing your creativity with them. We appreciate your passion for the Disney brand and hope that we are able to see you again in the future.

Mr. Fay, thank you again for contacting us.

You have absolutely no idea how elated I was while I was reading this.

Seriously, this letter was exactly the thing I needed to brighten my day. It had been like a month or more since I packaged one of my Tales from the Golden Age of Hollywood Comics and sent it back through time to Paige Turner because she requested one. Considering that most of the cast has changed since I made those comics, I’m still glad that they continue to appreciate my works.

It’s kind of a shame that I was considering closing this blog since I haven’t heard any other news from the Citizens. As far as I know, they’re still on Hollywood/Sunset Boulevard doing their usual skits, holding their Funniest Citizens competition, and making life a little more funny every day. Still, it would be nice to know that folks like Paige Turner, Shelby Mayer, Evie Starlight, Beau Wrangler, and anyone else from the “good times” are still in Hollywood and haven’t forgotten me despite me not being there in a while.

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  1. Maureen Wahtera permalink
    August 25, 2013 10:55 am

    The Citizens still do a lot of the skits that you will remember and of course they end the day with “Funniest Citizens”, which is always Fun, Fun, Fun. Below is the current cast list, that I know of with a few minor uncertainties:
    1. Actor who plays Veronica Vanisht is now working in the new Fantasyland, and I’m not sure if she does the COH anymore.
    2. The Actor who played the original Betty Shambles (also previously Mimi KaBoom), has moved to CA.
    3. You will notice a lot of new HPW guys. Sparky is the only one you will know as HPW. Frederick is clowning around at the new Fantasyland. And the new Boss is someone that you may recognize from the Showcase Players “Holy Grail” show.
    4. I’m not sure you ever knew Mimi Kaboom #2, she was the Latin Mimi. We now have Mimi #3 who is playing role more like NY or NJ.
    5. I’m pretty sure that you know Dara Vamp #2 is the actress who was previously known as Miss Moore and Tutti Fruiti.
    6. HPW, Zeke is also Officer Kirby Mayday. You may remember this officer from 2004.
    7. I’m not sure you met the original actor playing Holden Hollywood. I think he’s now a cop but haven’t seen this for myself.
    8. Holden#2 and Betty Shambles #2 are very good. She funny and he’s adorable.
    9. Daley Reels is the actor previously known as Hayseed.
    10. Lenny who I’m not sure you’ve seen as the Boss for HPW, but after Boss Gus, then Lenny came back as the Boss. But he is now gone. He left for CA.

    I think I have you all caught up. I believe that you are still linked to my videos so feel free to see the newest COH performers, or to just watch and smile. Also I think I noticed you back on facebook. You are welcome to view any of my photos.

    Here is the current COH cast list:
    Chef Ben Appetite
    Directors Alberto Dante
    Directors Vladimir Pooey
    Faded Stars Dorma Nesmond
    Faded Stars Veronica Vanisht
    Gossip Columnists Cloe Canard
    Hopefuls Betty Shambles II
    Hopefuls Daisy Day
    Hopefuls Daley Reels
    Hopefuls Paige Turner
    HPW Buddy Flowers
    HPW Sparky Sparks
    HPW Wrench
    HPW Zeke
    Police Officer Kirby Mayday
    Police Officer Percival Peabody
    Police Officer William Club
    Star Stone Granite II
    Star Holden Hollywood II
    Star – Cowboy Beau Wrangler
    Starlet Dara Vamp II
    Starlet Evie Starlight
    Starlet Mimi Kaboom III
    Studio Mogul Shelby Mayer
    Talent Agent Ginny Vermouth
    Talent Agent Jack Diamond

    • August 25, 2013 2:43 pm

      Hi, Maureen. It’s good to hear from you again. It’s been quite a while. It’s true that I was going through some things that I had to sort out for myself, including but not limited to undertaking too many projects that neglected the blog, but I am glad to know that the fifteen (?) Citizens from the “good times” are still around no matter who they are. It’s especially good that Paige Turner and Evie Starlight are still in the cast as well since my comic book was intended for Paige herself. As for Evie… well, she’s not the brightest star in Hollywood, but she still knows how to sparkle.

      It’s also true that I have returned to Facebook. I’m not enslaved to it like I used to be, but I still have a minor presence there. At the moment, I’m devoting my time to creating artwork for DeviantArt, a website for creative artists of all media, but mostly fan art. If you get a chance, you should check out my gallery. I even have a section dedicated to the Citizens of Hollywood, and once I figure out how to post comic pages in one whole strip I’ll be able to share my stories. Here’s my DA page:

      And even though I haven’t been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios since 2011 (yes, I’m counting those two half-days during my Orlando Fringe vacation) and I miss my “buddies”, at least I can take comfort in knowing that my personal hero is here in New York doing his show and occasionally getting together with me for lunch. Thank you for keeping me posted with the CoH. I’ll take a look at your vids soon.

      P.S. The only reason why your comment didn’t appear right away was because I set it up to manually approve every comment that comes in. You know, to keep the spambots and rude comments off.

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